In PART 1 of this topic, we shared with you outlook of the resale HDB landscape.


Here’s an analogy near and dear to all Singaporean hearts:

A Rolex Submariner would have cost you S$4000 brand new in the early 90s, a price most of us would have gawked at back then. The same watch now costs more than twice brand new, with pieces from the 90s fetching almost 4 times their original price tag.

Are you following?

What feels expensive now will feel very much less so in the future. And unlike a watch, it’s quite hard to break or lose a home after a heavy night out.


So back to real estate; as the dollar shrinks, price tags get heftier. Putting your money in a private property is akin to putting your money in a bank that gives you interest that beats inflation.

And that’s not the best part.

You can live in your investment, or make it work harder for you by renting it out.

Check out this comparison between Resale HDB vs Private Property in the last 2 years.

Resale HDB

source: SRX

source: SRX

Private Property 

source: SRX

source: SRX

Now, with these comparative figures, we will further explore on why 2019 is the year you should take upgrading action.


In the same vein, there can only be more cooling measures moving forward. While it may feel like a disadvantageous time to upgrade to or buy a private property outright now, it’s still a better time than say, 5 years from now.

Prices are unlikely to come down, and the likelihood of more cooling measures being put in place is well, pretty hot. While patience is a virtue, this is one race you don’t want to continue watching from the sidelines.

Here’s just one reason why: with a 5 year MOP for HDB and 4 years for private property, just one reinvestment cycle will take you 9 years. How many 9 years does one from when we start purchasing our first property to when we reach 55 years old?

Let us look at what these buyers did in 2014, after the cooling measures:

source: Propnex

source: Propnex

source: Propnex

source: Propnex

During 2014, a $13xxPSF for Bartley and a $18XXPSF for a Commonwealth property seemed pretty hefty. However, these buyers had foresight and made and informed decision, and were able to reap from it 3-4years later.

At the risk of sounding like parrots, the best time to strike is – wait for it – now.



“I want something near the MRT/gym/NTUC/bus stop/ child care centre/ my workplace etcetera, etcetera etcetera…”

But let’s be real for a minute. As the old adage goes, you can’t eat in the east and sleep in the west. Location isn’t everything, studying your home purchase carefully is.

That’s why it’s called HOMEwork.

Arm yourself with the ability to make informed decisions, and be as shrewd as possible.

While that may seem like a bit of a contradiction, here’s an example why informed greed is crucial: a property near an MRT will always do well, but if it’s at a markedly higher PSF selling price than a property a slightly longer walk away with a much lower PSF value, your eventual rise in value with the latter may actually yield you more profit in the long run.

Take a look at this example:

source: Propnex

source: Propnex

source: Propnex

Location is important, but it is not everything. 


Don’t. Just don’t.

Property speculation is high-stakes gambling, and conventional wisdom will tell you this never ends well. Anticipate the bubble bursting. When things seem too good to be true, they most likely are.

Never be afraid to pull out and cash out on an asset “too early”. Rather, be wary of doing it too late.

Different life stages call for different requirements: to be near to your parents; to be near to your in-laws; to be near your place of work; to be near a reputable creche, to be near a reputable school.

It is prudent to assess which is the most important, and to quote an over-referenced meme, what will spark the most “joy”, or relevance to you, regardless of life-stage. That is the best way to make a truly prudent, money-wise decision.

Of course, property is a pay-to-play market, and having your finances locked down and knowing your risk budget is absolutely essential. It’s also helpful to learn what alternative condo payment plans developers are offering right now – deferred payment schemes, reservation schemes and more are available for the cash-locked. Too much to digest?

Call us, we’re experts.  


If you’ve been following the article so far, you now know that “expensive” is a relative term. While it may seem really crazy that people are paying through the nose for private properties, it’s also important to remember that their risk will more than certainly pay off in the years to come. The only caveat here is to do it within your means.

We cannot stress this enough.

“Old” and “new” price tags are abound in the market, how do you recognise, acknowledge and then make an informed decision on what maximises your returns that truly matters.

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Acquiring property is never a bad idea, but having a helping hand helps infinitely. We’re not in the business of selling homes, but securing happiness.

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