Who we are

Good day, day good?

 Welcome Home is a real estate-based lifestyle brand consisting of Louise and Silver Lim.

More than just serving our clients on transaction matters during asset restructuring & wealth management, we help our clients achieve the BEST outcome on their real estate investments. 

✦share insights and trends and what does it mean for YOU.
✦bring up HOT TOPICS for open discussions.
✦believe that when OUR CLIENTS WIN, we win!

Integrity forms the core of our business; with integrity comes trust, & with trust we all can achieve much more.

Beyond agent-client relationship, we value lasting relationships MORE.

Since then, we have transacted more than 100 properties and successfully helped many friends, families and clients with their real estate needs and investment properties.

Behind every property, is a human being. Behind every home is a family.

How can we EMPOWER you today?

Let’s go for some real estate talks and walks over a cuppa!


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